If you are shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift but you have no idea what mum will enjoy the most, here are some ideas. There are a number of excellent hampers that will make mum smile. These are some of the most popular Mother’s Day hampers of all.
Chocolate and sweet hampers are popular for mums with a sweet tooth. When you choose a chocolate gift hamper, it’s important to remember that most, if not all, of the products included are not your average chocolates. They are of the luxury variety which means that they are made from the very best and most refined chocolate. They will quite literally melt in your mouth!
Pamper hampers usually include items like bath bombs, soaps, lotions, and even a luxurious bath robe. The key is to take note of all the items included as well as the scents of these items. If the hamper includes a robe or similar items, take not of the fabric used. This will be a clear indication of the quality of the product. Pamper hampers are perfect if mum is on a specific diet or if she has certain dietary restrictions.
Wine hampers are great because these bottles are often imported from countries like Australia, Italy, South Africa and other renowned wine making countries. The bottle or bottles you choose will be an exciting wine tasting experience for mum. Some hampers include other items too like fine cheeses, crackers, fruit, and more! The food items that are included with the wine are specially selected to complement the wine.
Picnic basket
If you want to really WOW your mother, then you can go all out and send her a basket full of goodies! These baskets usually include several bottles of wine, perhaps a non-alcoholic beverage too. They also include savoury and sweet treats like crisps, biscuits, cake, chocolate, jam, and preserves. Some picnic basket style hamper come with cutlery and crockery as well as a picnic blanket. Not only will mum enjoy the contents of the hamper but she can reuse it every time she enjoys a picnic!
These are just some of the most popular ideas. There are also great combo gifts that include fresh flowers, a box of chocolates, bubbly, and a stuffed animal or balloon. Different variations of this type of gift are available at different prices so it’s easy to find a luxurious gift at the right price!