There is nothing like a good meal to make mum smile on Mother’s Day! Usually we like to let her sleep in so this gives you more than enough time to prepare a scrumptious feast. A buffet really is the way to go since you can prepare a variety of goodies and mum can choose whatever she likes the most. If you are planning on hosting a few families, then a buffet really is the best option. You won’t need to spend time serving each guest and making sure that the plating is just right. So, now that you know that you want to host a Mother’s Day buffet, what should you serve?
Start with the breakfast basics. These include bacon, eggs, sausage, fried onions and mushrooms, and beans. Now, for the most part, you can prepare these items in advance and simply place them in warming dishes. When it comes to eggs, however, you want to prepare them to order. So, set up your stove with several non-stick pans and keep your eggs on hand. If you are happy to offer your guests omelets, then you will need a selection of omelet ingredients on hand as well. The bacon, onions, and mushrooms on your buffet can be used as omelet fillers and all you will need to do is add cheese. Spinach and other ingredients can also be added if you wish.
Now that you have the main ingredients taken care of, it’s time to add breads and toast. You might not want to toast any bread in advance because it will go hard and dry. Instead, set the bread out and make sure it’s covered to maintain freshness. Set out a selection of spreads including butter, jams, marmalade, and nut butters. Fresh fruit is always a must and, while you don’t want to cut them up in advance, you do want to make sure that they are washed. You can also serve yogurt and a selection of cereals and milk for younger guests.
Finally, don’t forget about the sweet tooth! Pancakes, waffles, muffins, scones are all great ideas for your breakfast sweets. Again, you should set out a selection of toppings such as syrups, perhaps some ice cream, whipped cream, and jams.
Your beverages should also be prepared. You can set up your coffee maker and allow it to brew as soon as your guest start arriving. Tea is also good to steep just as your guests arrive. A selection of fresh fruit juice and mineral water should also be served. If you want to host a champagne breakfast, make sure that you have some bubbly and orange juice.
This is all you need to host a fabulously delicious Mother’s Day buffet! You can add ingredients or even limit them if you are hosting a smaller event. The number of guests and your budget will determine the menu.