Mother’s Day is the one day when we need to set some time aside just for mum. It’s time to spoil her rotten and show her how much you appreciate her love and care over the years. A Mother’s Day gift hamper or basket is perfect for making mum smile. Not only will she enjoy receiving the gift, but she will also enjoy the contents for days, weeks, or even months later! Wondering what to include in this special hamper? Here are some ideas!
Something sweet
If mum has a sweet tooth, a nice selection of chocolates, biscuits, and other sweet treats will certainly be a pleasing gift. The trick is to find luxury chocolates that you don’t usually see on the shelves in supermarkets. If she has a particular favourite chocolate, even if it is not of the luxury variety, you can include one or more of these too. The key, however, is to give her taste buds something new and exciting to experience.
A luxury bottle
A nice bottle of Prosecco or champagne will also be a great item to include. Take note of her wine preferences and use this as a guide to help you choose the perfect bottle of bubbly. Some types are sweeter than others which is why it’s important to understand her taste in wine. The bottle is often the tallest item in the gift basket which means that it is usually placed in the middle with all the other items around it. The taller the items, the closer to the bottle they should be arranged. This ensures that all of the goodies are clearly visible.
Bath and Body
Bath and body products like lotions, bath bombs, luxury soaps and similar items are also a popular choice for Mother’s Day. When including such items, it is important to remember to ensure that they are properly packaged. Sometimes, if you pair perfumed products with food items, the scent of the cosmetic items can transfer to the food. So, both the body products and any edible items should all be completely sealed and wrapped. Also, avoid assembling your hamper until the last minute, that way you reduce the amount of time that these items are close to one another. In addition, if you wrap the basket loosely with cellophane or a similar material, you can leave gaps here and there. This allows any scent from the bath products to escape rather than become trapped inside.
These are just some of the most popular ideas. If, instead of sweet goodies, mum enjoys savoury treats, you can opt for a selection of cheese and crackers instead. If mum is not much of a drinker, then perhaps a selection of fine teas and coffee will be more to her liking. Depending on your budget, you can also include something extra special like jewellery or a fancy ornamental item. If you are on a budget and strapped for time, remember that there are some great Mother’s Day gift hampers online. With just a few clicks, mum’s gift will be assembled, packaged, and delivered!