Wicker baskets, like those you receive when a gift hamper delivery arrives, can be reused time and time again. They can even be restored if damaged, and decorated to suit an event or colour scheme in your home. The style of the basket will usually determine how it should be decorated.
For example, a basket with a single handle that runs over the top would look lovely if that handle is decorated with ribbon. Simply wrap the ribbon around the handle and make sure that you secure each end in place with hot glue. Finish off the design by tying a ribbon to the one end of the handle.
If your basket has two handles (one on either side) you can add a ribbon to each handle or you can attach a bow to one side of the basket instead. It all depends on how you plan on using your basket and where it will be displayed.
Another great idea, for those who have some extra time for this fun craft, Is to weave pieces of ribbon in between the basket. Follow the wicker pattern and add one, two, or several colours. You might like to leave some space between each row of ribbon just to allow the colours to really stand out.
For all of these designs, you can also add a liner to the interior of the basket. The liner should either match the colour of the ribbon or it should be white or beige. If you want it to stay in place and not move around, make sure that it has an elastic in the margin and this elastic needs to be stretched over the rim of the basket. Alternately, you can use a hot glue gun to apply a few buttons to the exterior of the basket and then sew on a few elastic loops to the fabric. These loops need to correspond with the location of the buttons and you simply loop them over the buttons to hold the fabric in place.
When you want something a bit more permanent, you could always stain or paint your wicker basket. These decorative options are far more permanent so it’s important to take the time to plan your design before you buy or apply these materials.