Whether you drink wine every other night or only on weekends, you most likely toss the cork in the trash as soon as it’s popped or once the bottle is empty. Corks are now made from various materials but if you have natural cork from cork trees, then it’s a real shame to let them go to waste. The good news is that there are plenty of ways of reusing corks.
In the kitchen, you can use corks as vinegar or oil pours. Simply slice a wedge out the length of the cork and then place it in a bottle neck. Now, when you pour, only a controlled amount will come out. You can also use them to clean high-carbon knives without using an abrasive material.
Around your home, you can slice corks and stick them under furniture to make them easier to move without scratching your floor. Similarly, you can also use them as stoppers for cupboards and prevent door slamming. Tired of pins and tacks finding their way to the floor or other inconvenient spaces in your home? Insert them in corks to prevent potential injury. If you have a curious cat, a cork makes a fun, natural, and inexpensive toy. Stuff the cork with catnip for an added incentive.
For those who enjoy fishing, you can use corks as fishing bobbers. In your garden, old corks make great mulch. Just grind them up first and add to your flower bed to help with water retention. As for arts and crafts, there are literally dozens of fun uses for all ages. You can make fun stamps for your little on by carving a shape like a moon or heart out of the bottom of the cork. Add them to your Christmas wreath, make a cork Santa or angel or anything you can imagine!
So, the next time you think about tossing a cork in the garbage, think again! Keep it in a safe place until you are ready to put them to a better use around your home.