When Mother’s Day approaches, it usually leads to hours of planning and shopping. Fresh flowers and potted plants are popular gifts for occasions like Mother’s Day. If you know that mum enjoys spending time in the garden, then a gardening hamper makes the perfect gift for her!

When shopping for a gardening basket or gifte, there are a few things to look for. There are a few essential goodies that you will need to include as well as some optional extras to add at your own discretion.

The first thing every gardeners basket needs is a selection of quality gardening tools. So, look for such items as a gardeners fork and trowel. You can also include a plant for her to add to her garden or even several packages of seeds.

A gardeners basket is not just about plants and gardening equipment. You can also include mum’s favourite beverage. This means that you can add some refreshing tea, a bottle of wine, or another delicious drink.

Once you have taken care of the beverage or beverages in your gift basket, it’s time to choose some delicious foods to go along with it. The foods you choose will depend on the beverage you have selected. For example, if you want to include cheese and crackers, you will need to consider the best cheese and wine pairings. You can also add some fresh fruit and biscuits or whatever mum likes to nibble on.

When you order the gift basket, you will also notice that some of these lovely gifts come packaged in delightful wicker baskets. This certainly adds value to any gift since mum can use the basket to hold various items or even all her gardening tools.