Different families celebrate Mother’s Day in different ways. In addition, while some families enjoy traditions, others prefer making different plans every year to keep things exciting and fresh. There are several factors that will influence how and where you celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

New mothers might feel more comfortable enjoying the day at home. New mothers often feel too exhausted to get dressed up for going out. What you can do to make her feel special is treat her to a much needed day off. Spoil her with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take care of any cleaning and make sure that you are prepared to take over feedings and any diaper changes. The idea is to make sure that mum does not lift a finger. You should also order flowers, and treat her to a luxury she can enjoy like chocolates.

Even if your child or children are older, if the weather is not all that pleasant, mum might be inclined to spend extra time under the covers. This is the perfect time for comfort food, mum’s movie of choice, and whatever else she might like to keep her as comfortable and happy as possible.

If you make plans but mum gets sick before or on Mother’s Day, you don’t need to call all of your plans off. For example, if you were planning a picnic at her favourite spot, you can have a picnic at home instead. The most important thing to remember is that you should pamper mum from the moment she opens her eyes to the time she goes to bed.

Remember, you can also have gifts delivered to your home so you can make sure that mum has everything she could possible want on the day. Shop around for flowers online and Mother’s Day gift hampers too. When you place your order, you can select the delivery date, hide the gifts and give mum a great surprise!