Dom Perignon is famous around the world and it is known for being both pricy and luxurious. While many consumers understand and appreciate the higher value of a bottle of Dom Perignon, others wonder why it has such a high price tag. What makes Dom Perignon so special and such a desirable gift?
The first thing to remember is that Dom Perignon is made from the finest grapes and the very best vineyards. Every year, wine makers take several factors into consideration when deciding whether or not to make another batch of Dom. If the weather turned out to be less than favourable, the vineyard may not produce its best grapes. If this is the case, wine makers will normally use the grapes to produce other types of wine and they will hold off on Dom Perignon production until the harvest is of the highest quality. The fact that they might not be able to make Dom Perignon every year means that stocks are limited. In any business, supply and demand will help determine the value and price of an item.
Another important point to remember is reputation. We have become quite accustomed to associating various brands and names with quality. This is definitely true when it comes to Dom Perignon. The amazing reputation of this particular bottle is enough to push the price up exponentially.
When you send Dom Perignon as a gift, you can be certain that it will be received with a smile. Since everyone knows the name and the price tag that goes along with this bottle, any recipient will see this as a highly luxurious gift. In some cases the bottle can be presented all on its own whereas, in other cases, you will find it packaged along with a set of find glasses or even luxury chocolates. As long as the gift is appropriately packaged, you can be sure that it will make any lucky recipient smile. So, the next time you want to spoil somebody for their birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration, consider a Dom Perignon hamper.