Being a mother is one of the toughest and most important jobs. For working mothers, life is even more complex and demanding. Not only do they need to dedicate themselves to their work, but they also need to save enough energy and patience to care for their family. As an employer, there is something you can do to show all the mums working for you plenty of appreciation.
One option is to order fresh flowers for each mother you employ. Make sure that you order the same type of bouquet for each recipient so that you don’t have any discussions about the value of each gift. When you order flowers, you could add chocolates, a bottle of bubbly, or even a cuddly bear to your order.
Another great gift to consider is a hamper of gift basket. Hampers and gift baskets come in many shapes and sizes. Some include wine whereas others are non-alcoholic hampers. If you know that all the mothers you employ enjoy a particular type of wine, then this would be a safe bet. If you are not sure about the type of wine they enjoy, you may feel more comfortable with a non-alcoholic gift.
Chocolates make a great gift for anyone and chocolate hampers are available in a variety of sizes. There are those that are designed to look amazing while helping you stick to a budget. There are also more elaborate chocolate gifts that include luxury chocolates, chocolate biscuits, chocolate cake, and other chocolate treats.
If you are not too sure about chocolate or sweets, you could shop around for a pamper hamper. These hampers are great because you can order them in advance without worrying about anything perishing. They usually include bath and body products and even items like bath towels and scented candles.
Finally, don’t forget to include a special message in a card for each of your working mothers. Make sure that each card is addressed to each employee for the perfect personal touch.