Mother’s Day is all about spoiling mum and giving her the day off. So, apart from taking care of cleaning and any other chores, you should start the day off with a bang by treating her to an amazing breakfast. In fact, breakfast in bed would be the best way to kick start her amazing day.
When choosing the Mother’s Day menu, take a moment to think about all the things mum loves. For example, mum might enjoy a savoury or a sweet breakfast. Once you have an idea, you can then start searching through recipe ideas.
One great savoury idea is a heart-shaped crepe filled with crisp bacon and a fried egg. Simply place the bacon and egg inside the pancake and then fold the ends in to form a heart. Alternatively, you could serve charred tomatoes and fried eggs on toast. As for something sweet, you could serve a delicious breakfast muffin with her favourite toppings. Don’t forget to pair the meal up with the perfect beverage. You might opt for some fresh orange juice, coffee, tea, or another delicious drink that you know mum will enjoy.
As for lunch, you can expand the menu to include at least two to three courses. Again, keep mum’s preferences in mind and make sure that each course has something different. For example, if you want to serve chicken as a main course, you should serve a salad or seafood as a starter. For dessert, you can opt for something fruity or a decadent chocolate delight. In most cases, your lunch meal will be lighter than a meal served for dinner. So, if you want to keep it really light, you could serve quiche or something along these lines.
For dinner, you might like something a bit more elegant such as a soup our salad to start, followed by a roast with all the trimmings, and something irresistible for dessert like cheesecake or her favourite type of pudding or pie.