A mother’s love is unlike any other and, if anyone deserves to be honoured and treated with extra love on this special day. In most cases, your mother will already have just about everything she could possibly want or need. Which means that this is your chance to get her all the things she wouldn’t buy for herself. If you want to make the day extra special, take the time to plan a fun picnic for two.
Plan your food and beverages according to mum’s personal tastes. Also take note of any dietary needs. For example, if mum is on a particular diet or if there are any foods or drinks that she may not be able to enjoy, you should avoid these items.
Now, you could go out and buy everything yourself, or you could buy a picnic hamper online instead. There are a number of great picnic baskets from which to choose. Some are more elaborate than others in that the contents differs from one product to the next. Some picnic baskets include a bottle of wine and others include a non-alcoholic beverage. There are some baskets that include cutlery and crockery while others are filled with the most delicious foods and sweet treats.
Once you have chosen the perfect basket, it’s time to plan the location. If the weather is still too cold for an outdoor picnic, you could always stay home. Set up a picnic in the living room and simply spend time with mum without any interruptions.
If you are able to spend a few hours outside, then a picnic by the beach, in the park, or at mum’s favourite scenic spot. Make sure that you take extra jackets just in case it gets chilly and a blanket or two is always a good idea. You could even make a fresh pot of coffee or tea to take with in a flask. Make this day memorable by turning your phone off and be sure to take plenty of photos too remember this amazing day.