Have you ever received one or more gift hampers for Christmas or another occasion and ended up with heaps of jam? Instead of forcing yourself to eat toast or pancakes every day for the next month, you can really get creative and put your jam to good use. Here are some tips to help you decide what to do with all that jam:
Get baking
There are plenty of baked goods that could really do with some jam. Pop Tarts are a delicious treat but why buy them when you can make them yourself? All you need to do is stuff your pastry with jam, fold and bake!
If you are planning on baking a cake, jams make great fillings between layers. A great idea is to use a plain vanilla sponge cake, spread some jam on top, cover with a layer of sliced bananas and pour vanilla custard on top. Repeat with as many layers as you like and use different types of fruit if you like. Finish off with a layer of whipped cream and top with glazed cherries – delish!
If you fancy making a cheesecake, you can use jam as a topping and you can also add jam to your muffin or cupcake mixtures too!
For something cool and refreshing, you can use jam in your sundae or ice cream sandwich recipe.
Jam can be used in fruity cocktails, milkshakes and even to sweeten tea! Just imagine using that strawberry jam to make your own strawberry daiquiri!
Savoury options
Just because jams are sweet does not mean that they are strictly for dessert!  You can use jam as a glaze for ribs or chicken.  It also adds a delicious hint of sweetness to marinades and BBQ sauce. If you enjoy ham and cheese or turkey sandwiches, you can spread some jam on these too.  If it sounds strange, just think of how well cranberry sauce tastes on roasted turkey!
For breakfast
While pancakes and waffles might sound fantastic, you probably don’t want to eat them every day. So, for something a bit different, you can add some jam to your morning yogurt or bowl of oatmeal. It’s a great way of sweetening things up and adding some fruity flavour all at once!
With Christmas around the corner, don’t forget about an old family favourite called Trifle. Trifle is filled with all sorts of delicious fruits and treats so why not put your jam to good use and make a dessert that the whole family will love!  If you are expecting guests for Christmas Eve dinner or lunch on Christmas Day, you can serve jam with other treats before or after the meal has been enjoyed.