For couples who have been together for a while and even those who have a more practical mindset, they might not see the point of cluttering their home even more each year with another stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day. Sure, those cuddly bears and fluffy hearts are cute but they don’t serve much of a purpose other than taking up space. If your Valentine is the kind of person who enjoys a clutter free environment and more practical gifts, then there are ways of pampering them while giving them something they will use.
The first idea would be a picnic basket style hamper. These are available in all shapes and sizes. Not only can they enjoy the treats included in the basket but, along with the place settings and accessories, this basket can be used time and time again whenever you want to enjoy a picnic by the sea or at the park. You can even set up a romantic indoor picnic if the weather isn’t suitable for spending time outdoors. In most cases, picnic baskets with 4 place settings are optimal because you have extra plates and cutlery in case you invite others to join you or for those with children.
Another great idea is an elegant wine set that includes such accessories as quality wine glasses or bottle opener. Cheese and wine gift sets sometimes include handy accessories like a cheese knives to make serving a pleasure!
If you know that your partner enjoys serving coffee or tea on a regular basis when their friends or family visit, then a coffee and tea basket would be practical, useful and a wonderful treat.
The key is to understand what your partner enjoys, their habits and what they are most likely to find useful. The last thing you want is another dust collector or something that does not serve much of a purpose. When your Valentine sees the gift that you picked out especially for them, it will be clear that you put a lot of thought into it and, after all, it is the thought that matters most!