When cooking with alcohol like wine, it’s important to know how to go about adding it to your food. Here are some excellent tips for you to keep in mind when cooking with wine or any other type of alcohol for that matter.


When cooking with alcohol, remember that the alcohol content does not remain the same. Alcohol in wine evaporates three times faster than water. In addition, the larger the surface area you use for cooking, the faster it will evaporate. This is why chefs prefer pans rather than pots for making sauces. You should also avoid using a lid.

Cooking times

Tests show that when cooking with alcohol and you add the alcohol to a boiling liquid just before removing it from heat, 85% of the alcohol is maintained. If you simmer for 15 minutes, it only retains 40%. After an hour, only 25% remains and, after 2 hours just 5% is left. The longer you cook the alcohol, the less will remain.


It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to cook with an entire bottle! Cooking with alcohol is much like drinking alcohol – it should be done in moderation. Wine should not be the only liquid you add to your dish. Combine with water or even cream to make a delicious stew or sauce.

Wine pairing

Finally, never forget to pair the right wine with the right foods. Just like drinking wine with meals, you should choose the right type of wine for cooking different meals. There are plenty of references available online to help you with this.

Keep these tips in mind when cooking with alcohol and don’t forget to taste your food. There is no way of tricking the taste buds! By giving your food a regular taste test, you will know whether to add more water, cream, salt or other condiments.