Mother’s Day is not only about spoiling mum with special gifts. It’s also about spending time with Mum and showing her that you care. If your mother enjoys wine, then why not enjoy some cheese and wine tasting? It might sound complex, but with just a few simple tips, you can plan a memorable day too!
Choosing wine
You should know your mother well enough to know what kind or kinds of wine she enjoys. You should choose between red and white wine depending on her preferences. Try to select three or four types of wine so that she can enjoy some of each and compare the flavours and aromas. Select wines that appeal to her preferences but that are also distinctly different from one another. Chill your wine according to the appropriate guidelines. For example, red wine is served at a slightly higher temperature than white wine. Red wine also needs to aerate you enjoy a glass.
Choosing cheese
The types of cheese you choose will depend on the wines that you have selected. Start by establishing whether or not there is a certain type of cheese that pairs well with all of the wines that you have selected. You can also include additional types of cheese and pair them with specific bottles.
Something extra
Cheese and wine is not just about cheese and wine. There are other elements that need to be included. Bread or crackers and fresh fruit are excellent additions to your cheese platter. It provides your stomach with something a bit more consistent and the fruits help enhance the flavour of the cheese while adding that refreshing touch.
If you are not sure about the best cheese and wine combinations, there is always the option of ordering a cheese and wine hamper. These hampers include at least one bottle of wine with at least one type of cheese. You will often find a selection of delicious treats in this hamper as well. All carefully selected to compliment one another. Place your hamper order, have it delivered before Mother’s Day and surprise her with a delicious hamper you can share as you spend the day together.