Spending Mother’s Day with Mum need not cost an arm and a leg. There are a number of excellent ways of enjoying quality time with Mum while sticking to your budget. Picnics are a great example of affordable dining and there are plenty of amazing foods you can pack inside your picnic basket.
Sandwiches are versatile and there are so many different ingredients from which to choose. You can enjoy savoury or sweet sandwiches. Savoury ingredients include cold meats and cheeses while sweet ingredients include peanut butter with jam or even maple syrup. Then there are also extras like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and so on. Consider the sauces you choose as well. Mayonnaise, honey mustard, regular mustard, and even 1000 island dressing can be used to spruce up any sandwich.
Fresh fruit
You have a number of options when it comes to preparing fruit. You could make a colourful and delicious fruit salad. This is great because you can include a wide selection of delicious fresh fruit and even berries if you like. Another option is to pack washed fruit like apples, peaches, and bananas.
Other snacks
You can also pack some extra snacks like chips, biscuits, pretzels and so on. These are perfect if you are feeling peckish after the meal and you would like to nibble while you enjoy some extra time together.
Now that you have all the food taken care of, it’s time to pack some refreshments. From water and fruit juice to coffee, tea, or even some bubbly, you can back one or more beverages to share with mum. Keep her preferences in mind as well as your own.