Whether you want to send fruit to a diabetic loved one or you’d like to serve a suitable fruit plate, it’s important to remember that some types of fruit are better than others as far as diabetics are concerned. Sugar is the main factor to consider but it’s not the only factor!
Blueberries are a popular choice because they are low in sugar and they also contain fibre. When sugar is ingested along with an ample amount of fibre, it prevents sugar spikes that are so dangerous for diabetics. They also contain antioxidants which help protect the body against damage on a cellular level. This is great because so many people with diabetes suffer from kidney problems as a result of their treatments and insulin.
Strawberries are even lower in sugar than blueberries and they also contain fibre, folate, manganese, and plenty of vitamin C. They are great for serving along with yogurt or oats and, let’s face it, they are delicious!
Grapes contain somewhat more sugar than various types of berries but they also contain polyphenols. They are believed to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels and grapes are an easy snack too!
When eating apples, remember not to discard the peel! Apples contain a relatively small amount of sugar along with a good amount of fibre. Most of the fibre is found in the peel which is why it’s important to enjoy the whole apple and not just the juicy interior.
Remember, the best way for diabetics to enjoy fruit is in whole form. In other words, not processed or sugar-coated varieties.