Sometimes we end up with one or two odd wine glasses in a set since the rest were either lost or broken. Other times, a wine glass gets a chip or small crack but you hate to throw it away for various reasons. Well, here are some great ways of reusing wine glasses around your home!
Ocean display
Create your very own under the sea design by adding a layer of beach sand and a few shells to the glass. If you like, suspend a tea candle from the rim of the glass so that it is nestled nicely just above the shells but not protruding above the rim of the glass.
Make your own lamp by placing a tea candle (or LED alternative if you prefer) in a wine glass and then top it off with a mini lamp shade. These lamp shades can be made or purchased and you can choose from many different colours.
Upside down candle holder
Turn your glasses upside down, decorate the glass and stem according to the theme of your choice, and place a tea candle on top. These are great for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and so much more!
You can even use an old, chipped glass as a vase. You can leave it as is or decorate it with paint or decoupage if you prefer. As long as the glass can hold water, it can be used as a vase. If it is cracked, it would be best to cover with a decoupage design and use it to display silk flowers instead.
If you have one or more small plants like cacti, you can place some soil in the glass along with the little plant. These plants grow at a slow pace so you won’t need to worry about them outgrowing the glass anytime soon. Use one or create your own mini garden with glasses of different shapes and sizes.
So, the next time you have an extra wine glass that does not match the set or it has a few too many imperfections, consider reusing it as a decorative piece in your home. You might even enjoy these designs in your office too!