When presenting mum with a special Mother’s Day gift, it’s not just about the contents. It’s also about choosing the right container so that the gift is presented in the best possible way. That said, the contents you choose will determine the best basket or container.
Mason jars are a create idea if you want to fill them with small items like sweets, chocolates, or even bath and body products like bath salts or various small soaps. You can use more than one mason jar if you like. For example, you can fill a small jar with bath salts, a medium one with soaps, and a large one with a luxurious face towel.
Another great idea is to use a coffee mug or teacup as a container. You can fill the cup or mug with whatever you think mum will like. Since there’s not too much space to work with, you might want to add some coffee packages, perhaps a delicious chocolate, and maybe even a nice necklace or other piece of jewellery.
If you need to package a larger gift like a bathrobe or gardening tools, you might want to choose something larger like a bucket. The bucket can be used to hold everything you wish to present to mum and it can also come in handy afterwards.
Bowls are also great for holding several gift items all neatly together. For the most part, if you are using a bowl, you may want to fill it with edible items or tools used in the kitchen. If, for example, you know that mum enjoys Italian food, you can include a package of pasta, gourmet sauce, herbs and spices, and even a small bottle of wine if you like.
The key is to get creative and think outside the box. The best container is one that can be reused rather than simply stored away. Think about the contents and a container that can be used to store the items you have included or used around the house or even at work.