Whether you are preparing for your regular Sunday roast, or you want to plan a special Christmas meal you for your family and perhaps some close friends, you’re probably looking for some inspiration. After selecting your variety of meats, it’s time to decide what sort of side dishes you would like to accompany your perfectly prepared roast.
Potatoes can be prepared in so many different ways! From regular roast potatoes and wedges, to more decadent options like rosemary roasted potatoes and garlic potatoes topped with your choice of herbs.
Yorkshire Puddings
These are a must in most British households and they are becoming popular in homes around the world! All for good reason since this delicious side item has a way of completing any roast.
Roasted Veggies
Boiled vegetables tend to turn out soft or even soggy. When food loses its texture, it also loses its appeal. In addition, boiled vegetables tend to lose much of their nutrients. Roasted veggies are full of colour, flavour and goodness! Plus, you can mix them all together! Choose root vegetables of various colours like red onions, garlic, carrots, and perhaps some potatoes too.
Stuffing on the side
When you stuff your chicken, turkey or any other bird, make sure that you make a generous amount extra. You want to cook the bird with the stuffing but you also want to make a separate dish with stuffing. This ensures that all of your guests can enjoy some of the stuffing without fighting over the relatively small amount used in the roast itself.
Don’t forge the gravy!
No roast would ever be complete without gravy! There are different types of gravy and it’s important to select the ones that are best suited for the meats you are preparing. If you are planning on serving cauliflower or broccoli, you might like to offer your guests some homemade cheese sauce to pour over it. You might find that they end up using extra sauce over their potatoes and other veggies too!
Spice it up
Sweet potatoes, butternut, and pumpkin are all lovely additions to any roast. They can be mashed or roasted. Sweet potatoes can even be fried if you prefer. If you fancy sweetening it up, you can. You can also add some spices like cinnamon or nutmeg (or a bit of both). Not only does this enhance the flavour but it’s also suits the season if you are serving one or more of these side items at your Christmas meal.
Vegetable selections
One final tip to remember is to make sure that your spread is as colourful as possible. You want each food item to look different from the next. So, make sure that you serve something orange like carrots or pumpkin, something white like potatoes or rice, something red or purple like red onions, and something green like delicious creamy spinach.