On special occasions like Christmas, it’s highly likely that you will receive at least one gorgeous and perfectly packaged gift hamper.  Christmas hampers come in all shapes and sizes.  Some include a bottle of wine, others are made up of chocolates and then there are those that include the most delicious and luxurious biscuits that seem to melt in your mouth!  If you have a tendency of opening more than one box at a time to give them all a try, then you might end up with leftovers.  Particularly if you have a fridge filled with food and too many treats to choose from.  Now, rather than letting these yummies go to waste, here are some ideas of what you can do with leftover biscuits:
Ice cream sandwiches
You can make your very own ice cream sandwiches.  All you need to do is place some ice cream between two biscuits, wrap them in some cling wrap and freeze!
Pie crust
Biscuits make a delicious pie crust and you really can mix and match when it comes to flavours.  Crumble your biscuits up, place them in a freezer bag and save them for the next time you want to make a pie.
Freeze for later
If you are the kind of person who only eats a few biscuits at a time, you can open the box and separate it into portions.  Place each portion in a freezer bag and, when you feel like a sweet snack, take them out and let them defrost on their own before you enjoy!
Other fillings
Apart from ice cream, you can use other fillings like frosting or peanut butter.  These are particularly great for kids!
As a topping
If you crumble and freeze them, you can use them as an ice cream or other dessert topping.  Just think about the cookies and cream ice cream that you can buy in the supermarket – it’s basically a DIY version!
Grind your left over cookies up and mix them with cream cheese to make your own truffles!  These truffles can be enjoyed on their own or served with other treats.
If you want to add some chunky flavour to a milkshake, this is a great way to do that!  Use a blender or food processor to gently grind your biscuits into small pieces.  Add to your favourite milkshake and enjoy!
Serve them up
If you have opened several boxes or even just one large box of cookies, you can quite easily place them on a decorative platter and serve them with tea when you have guests visit.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sharing!