Just like sending flowers or any other gift, sending a hamper to somebody means that you will need to take some time to carefully consider your options.  There are a few guidelines to follow in terms of etiquette.  You cannot send a romantic or seductive looking hamper to your in laws!
The first thing to consider is the theme of the hamper.  You will notice that there are many hampers available based on themes like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and more.  So, depending on the occasion, you need to choose your hamper accordingly.
If you want to send a hamper at the end of the year but you’re not sure if the recipient celebrates Christmas, then you should look for something that does not focus on this holiday.  If you know that the recipient enjoys wine, you could send a wine hamper.  Of course, if you’re not sure whether or not they even drink, then a snack or sweet hamper would be a better choice.
Take note of how many people you are sending the hamper to.  If you send a small hamper to a family for Christmas, they won’t have much to share.  Consider the number of children and select a hamper that has a few things that the kids will also enjoy.
When sending a hamper, make sure that it arrives on time or even a bit early.  For such occasions as Christmas or if the recipient is celebrating their birthday on a Sunday, you probably won’t be able to arrange for delivery on that day.  Make sure that your hamper is scheduled for delivery a day or two in advance to make sure that they feel special.
If you are sending a hamper as a corporate gift rather than a personal one, you should take great care in selecting the right contents of the hamper.  Nothing in the hamper should contradict the company’s desired image.  For example, if you are running a diet company, you wouldn’t want to send a hamper overflowing with chocolates and high calorie treats.  Instead, you should opt for a healthy option like a fruit hamper.
If possible, you could include a particular item from your product line or something branded with the company’s name.  For example, you could send out wine hampers and include a quality corkscrew with your company name printed on it.  High quality is key since it will be an indirect reflect of the overall quality of your business.  Also, if you simply print your name on the item, it can easily wash off.  Consider having them engraved if your budget allows.
The main tip to remember when sending a hamper is to think of the recipient.  If you know or even think that they might not really enjoy the contents, try to find something else instead.  If you are buying hampers online, you can browse various products and take your time deciding between the various options.  Put this time to good use by comparing the contents of each hamper and not just the price tags.