It’s really easy to order Christmas hampers and all sorts of other gifts online.  However, you might not always find exactly what you need for special recipients like babies or young children.  You can’t exactly send them a wine hamper or even a chocolate hamper.  The best solution in this case, if you don’t send a huge family hamper for everyone, is to create your very own kid friendly hamper.
The contents of this hamper will depend on whether you intend on giving it to a girl or boy.  It will also vary depending on the age of the recipient and you should most certainly take into account whether the child has any allergies or specific dietary requirements.  You should also check with their parents regarding what they may and may not have (some children are not allowed too much chocolate for example).
Now that you have a list of goodies, treats and toys that you can include, it’s time to head for the shops!  A great idea for boys is to package the hamper in a toy truck.  For girls, you can use a baby doll crib or stroller and place more toys and sweets inside.  While their parents might enjoy using the basket in their Christmas hamper, children don’t really have much use for such things.  Put some real thought into the container first and then shop for all the extras to fill it up.
Once your hamper is prepared, it’s time to wrap it up.  Adults tend to appreciate colourful semi-transparent cellophane type wrapping but this takes a lot of the fun out of it for younger recipients.  You can still use cellophane on the exterior but make sure that you use something a bit more solid too.  For example, you can use wrapping paper or even fabric and wrap it as you would any other hamper.  Cover with a layer of clear or coloured cellophane and wrap a bow with a name tag around the top.
Remember that there are plenty of healthy and vitamin enriched snacks and treats specially designed for children.  You will satisfy their sweet tooth while choosing an option that at least has some beneficial properties.