If you are on a diet but you love cheese, not to worry because all hope is not lost! There are still a number of low-calorie cheese options that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. Here are some of the lightest cheeses you will find at the shop.


Swiss cheese is a scrumptious treat that is perfect for those on a low salt diet. It is a great low-calorie cheese since salt encourages water retention and each ounce only contains 55mg of sodium. It is high in protein and calcium so it has great nutritional value too.


Feta is more on the salty side but it is still low in calories. You can add this cheese to your salad or even use it to top a juicy piece of steak! It’s a versatile cheese variety that is high in sodium so you should still enjoy in moderation.


There are a number of types of mozzarella and the name on the packaging will indicate what it is made from – cow’s milk or buffalo milk. Mozzarella might be a low-calorie cheese but it’s certainly not a low flavour cheese! It pairs wonderfully with fresh tomato, basil and dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.


This low-calorie cheese is high in calcium but it is also high in sodium. For the most part, this cheese is used to top various dishes like pizza, pasta and certain salads. Now, you can still enjoy pasta dishes without actual pasta. All you need is zucchini noodles instead of regular pasta!

As wonderful as it is that these low-calorie cheese options are so readily available, it’s important to remember that moderation is key. No matter how light any particular type of food or ingredient is, if you overindulge, it will negatively impact your weight and possibly your health.