For several people out there, the concept of leftover champagne is somewhat foreign. However, when hosting a party, you are more than likely to have something left over in at least one bottle. While you can enjoy it the next day if you are serving a champagne breakfast, the bubbles will not last long and soon you will feel like you have to throw it away. Before you do, consider these uses.

Ice cubes

Freeze your leftover champagne in ice trays. This way, when you need to make a delicious champagne cocktail in the future, you can use them to chill the cocktail without watering it down.

Delicious sauce

Just like white wine, you can use champagne to make the most delicious creamy sauces. All you need to do is chop and fry up some onions, crushed garlic and butter. Add your leftover champagne to the pan and allow it to simmer until the alcohol evaporates. Next, you can add your cream or milk (if you don’t like sauces that are too high in fat) to the pan and allow to boil. You can add some flour or corn starch to the mixture as well as grated cheese to thicken it up. Pour over some pasta with grilled chicken and top with roasted almond slices and you are all set!

Add to your crepe recipe

Usually you will use milk to make crepes but, if you have some leftover champagne, you can substitute half of the milk with champagne. It will certainly give your crepes a delicious new flavour.

Champagne vinaigrette

If you allow the leftover champagne to ferment, you can then add some lemon juice, honey, shallots, olive oil, salt, pepper and Dijon mustard to make your very own champagne vinaigrette!

Baking recipes

There are a number of delicious baked goods that can do with a touch of champagne. Champagne cupcakes, for example, are easy to make and will certainly have a unique flavour to them compared to your usual vanilla or chocolate varieties.

These are just a few delicious ways of putting leftover champagne to very good use. There is absolutely no reason to throw champagne away in the future. It can be used in so many sweet and savoury recipes. If you want to make something specific and you want to know how to add champagne, simply search online for an alternative recipe that includes champagne as one of the ingredients.