If you know somebody who is celebrating their birthday in the upcoming weeks, you want to make sure that you spoil their socks off with something special. The question many people have is: Just what will make them feel special? The answer is simple really – a gift that shows them you put real thought into it. Still not sure how to go about this important search? Here are some tips.

Consider things they love

The first thing you want to think about when choosing birthday hampers is what the recipient most enjoys in life. In other words, do they enjoy spending time outdoors? In this case, they will certainly appreciate a picnic basket. Are they usually extremely busy and unable to really cook every night? For busy professionals and even busy parents, food hampers will prove to be a real life saver. So, consider their lifestyle and what they could really use.

Food preferences

There are many different food preferences out there. Sweet, savoury, vegetarian, vegan and so on. Take a moment to really think about the recipient and what their preferences are. If they are vegan, for example, you will be able to find birthday hampers that include a wide selection of vegan products Remember, even wine can be classified as vegetarian or vegan depending on ingredients used during the fermentation process.

Drink preferences

Does the intended recipient enjoy a particular type of alcoholic beverage or do they not drink at all? If they enjoy wine, the best birthday hampers are those that include one or more bottles. If you know that they are partial to white wine, then this is the ideal gift. If you are not sure whether they prefer white or red, you can always opt for a duo to cover all your bases. There are also options like beer crates, whisky gifts and non-alcoholic hampers if the recipient does not consume alcohol.

Dietary restrictions

Apart from dietary preferences, there are also some very important dietary restrictions to take note of. Two main examples include diabetic and gluten-free foods. If the recipient is on either of these diets, it is especially important that you shop with care. Even the slightest bit of gluten can make somebody with a gluten allergy or Celiac disease feel absolutely dreadful. Sugary goods can even prove deadly for those with diabetes.

By taking into account the needs and preferences of the recipient, you can be sure that your birthday hampers will always be well received. Your hamper will also come with a message card so be sure to take the time to write something special and sincere. You can have the gift delivered directly to their home or work address. Alternatively, you can receive the delivery and make a point of delivering it to them in person if you prefer.