With Mother’s Day just a few days away, it’s important to make sure that you have done all your shopping. If you are still looking for the perfect way to pamper mum, why not look into some practical gifts this year? These especially great if she is the kind of woman who generally has everything she could possibly need and more.


If mum loves to cook or bake, you will find a multitude of practical gifts for the kitchen. From baking molds and trays to electric cooking and food preparation appliances to make her life easier. If she doesn’t have a blender or food processor, for example, these will make excellent gifts.


Cleaning does not have to be a chore and you can help make life easier for mum by presenting her with the tools or appliances that make things so much easier. Consider a robotic vacuum cleaner, Smart appliances or even something simple like a new mop with attached spray bottle so that she can finally get rid of that old mop she struggles to ring out properly.


Gardening goodies are both thoughtful and practical gifts. Some of the best items to include in a gardening hamper include some cushioning for her knees, gardening gloves and mini garden tools for her to easily work those flower beds. You could even present her with some seeds or a new plant to add to her collection.

Personal hygiene

Pamper hampers are great for spoiling mum and they are also practical gifts because you can be sure that she will use all those sweet-smelling lotions and soaps. Different gift baskets come with a different combination of goodies so take some time to compare them in order to figure out which one mum will love best.

Some tech

Even if mum isn’t all that tech savvy, you can still treat her to some practical gifts and gadgets of this variety. If she needs a new phone, you could look into buying one to suit her needs. Alternatively, you can consider accessories like earbuds or a Smart Watch or band. You could even pay for her phone contract that month or top up her credit if she is on Pay As You Go.

A new outfit

There is never a time to say no to a new outfit! Mum will surely love a new dress or blouse this year! If you are not sure of her size or specific style, you can even make a day of it and take her out shopping. Let her take her pick as you stroll from shop to shop and allow her to take her time trying on different outfits until she finds the one she loves. You can finish it all off with some lunch or tea before returning home.

These are just a few ideas for practical gifts you can be sure mum will love this Mother’s Day. Consider her needs and her hobbies whenever shopping. If you are ever at a loss, you can always search for gift hampers online and you will find a wide selection of food and non-food gifts all packaged and ready for delivery.