If your mother or grandmother is currently living in a care facility, they could use some extra pampering this Mother’s Day. If you are not sure what you should buy for them, here are some gifts grandma will most certainly appreciate.

Some of the top requests

According to studies, there are several items that are regularly requested by those living in care facilities. When we reach a certain age, it’s no longer about things we want but rather what we need. Here are some gifts grandma may need and will always welcome:

  • Socks and slippers to keep her comfortable throughout the day.
  • Digital copies of her favourite music, movies or TV shows. Make sure that she has a TV and DVD player too.
  • Audio books or large print books if her vision is no longer what it once was.
  • Craft supplies so that she can practice her favourite hobby (painting, knitting, etc)
  • Puzzles and other games. She can share them with her friends and maybe even start a game night once a week.
  • Personal hygiene products like nail clippers and emery boards. It really is the small things that count!

Kind gestures she will appreciate:

It’s not all about the gifts grandma will receive. There is so much more to celebrating Mother’s Day than just spending money. Here are some other ways in which you can show her that you care.

  • Give her a relaxing hand and foot massage.
  • Play a board game or card game which you enjoy some tea.
  • Give her hair some pampering with a new style. You don’t have to cut it. You can simply take some hair accessories along and give her a beautiful new look for the day.
  • Let her relax while you read a book or some poetry.
  • Your time is the most precious gift you can give!

If, for whatever reason, you are not able to see mum or grandma in person this year, you can still let her know you care by sending something special. You can find a range of gifts grandma will adore simply by browsing online. Fruit hampers, pamper hampers and even diet specific hampers are all available and can be delivered directly to her. You will also be able to include a message in the card provided.