Gin is a truly unique type of alcohol that can be served and enjoyed in a number of ways. No matter your drinking preferences, you are sure to find a combo that you will love! While gin is a spirit, this does not mean that it makes for a strong drink. In fact, the opposite is true. When mixed with just the right ingredients, gin will add subtle flavours and aromas to the glass without making you squint with each sip. Here are some tips to help you serve gin like a pro!

Gin and tonic

This is a classic combo and something to keep in mind whenever you serve gin. Gin and tonic are both relatively bitter so you should offset the bitterness with a squeeze of lime or lemon. Make sure that you serve just 50ml of gin in a tall glass with ice and top it with tonic water. This is supposed to be a refreshing drink and can be enjoyed before, during or after meals.

Fruit cups

A mixture of fruit and gin blended with a mixer such as ginger ale or lemonade make for the perfect combination! Fruity and sweet yet refreshing all at the same time! When you serve gin on a warmer day, this is a combo you should certainly try.

Gin Martini

The classic Martini is something you don’t want to skip when you serve gin. It is a classy cocktail that will make everyone feel like James Bond! There are several variations from which you can choose. The dry Martini is made with dry white vermouth. For a sweeter drink, you can use equal amounts of dry and sweet vermouth. If you want a savoury flavour added, you will enjoy a dirty Martini which includes a splash of olive brine.

These are just a few delicious ways in which you can serve gin to your guests or even prepare a drink for yourself after a long day at the office. There is nothing more rewarding than a perfectly mixed drink at the end of a busy day!