When a friend or family member moves into a new home, it’s absolutely normal for them to want to show it off a little. They may invite you over for a drink or even host a house warming party. Either way, you should be prepared with a gift. Here are some great ideas for house warming hampers that will always make them smile.


Since this is an occasion worth celebrating, you should consider champagne when it comes to house warming hampers. Champagne and sparkling wine gifts come in all shapes and sizes. This means that you should have no trouble finding one that will suit your budget without coming across as cheap.

Picnic baskets

A picnic basket will usually include a variety of treats and beverages. Depending on the basket you choose, it may even include plates and cutlery. This is a great choice in house warming hampers because it includes goodies that the recipient or recipients can enjoy right away as well as a basket they can use whenever they take time out for a picnic.

Food hampers

Food baskets also make wonderful house warming hampers. Especially if the recipient or recipients already have everything they need in their new home. Often, after moving into a new property, it takes time to get settled. Making food could be the last thing on their agenda. If you send some pastries or other food baskets, it will help take the pressure off so that they can concentrate on unpacking.

Remember, you can also add something sentimental to your house warming hampers. Consider a photo frame with a special picture included. They can display this picture wherever they have some space on a wall or table.