Fresh baked gifts and hampers are excellent for a wide variety of occasions. If you are not sure what to buy for a loved one or friend this year, here are some ideas that will suit your budget and let them know that you care.


How about sending a fresh baked cake to celebrate the recipient’s birthday? Nobody likes baking their own cake, nor should they have to! You can send a beautifully-decorated cake directly to their door with a card wishing them a fantastic day.


If your anniversary is coming up, you want to make sure that you go all out! Even if you are on a tight budget, fresh baked goodies will certainly make your spouse smile. Cookies, brownies and even savoury pastries are all great ideas for the love of your life.


Sending Christmas gifts has become increasingly tricky. This is because we don’t always know what our friends and family want or need. You can always play it safe by sending fresh baked gift hampers. The best part of all is that these hampers are large enough to share. In other words, you can send one large pastry hamper (for example) as a gift for the whole family.

Thank you

If you want to say thank you to a friend or relative, there is no better way than with a delicious gift basket. Pastries like biscuits, brownies or savoury treats are all excellent options. Simply take a moment to consider whether they prefer sweet or salty foods before making your choice.

As you can see, fresh baked hampers can be sent for any occasion. They are delicious, impressive to look at and practical. Why buy a gift that the recipient does not need and probably will not use? Send a hamper that they will enjoy down to the last morsel instead!