Wines are categorized according to the variety, the type of grape and the region in which they are made. It’s so much more complex than simply differentiating between red and white wine. There are different types of each of these wines and this will help you determine which one is right for you as well as the meal you are serving. Here’s what you need to know about different wine styles.

Full reds

When it comes to full-bodied red wine styles, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are two of the top choices. They should be served between 17 and 21°C and are best paired with foods like red meat, black pepper, savoury mushrooms and smoked meats.

Medium reds

Zinfandel and Merlot are top choices in medium red wine styles that should also be served around 17 and 21°C. They can be enjoyed with everything from pizza and roasted veggies to roasted meats and foods that are seasoned with cumin, rosemary, chilli and cinnamon.

Light reds

Light reds include Pinot Noir and Brachetto. They should be served slightly cooler at 12 and 19°C and can be enjoyed with chicken or creamy pasta dishes.


A refreshing bottle of rosé should also be served between 12 and 19°C to really make the most of their flavour. They can be enjoyed with roasted pork, fried chicken and various types of Greek, Mexican and Turkish cuisine.

Rich white wines

For white wine fans, Marsanne and Sémillon are examples of rich white wine styles. They can be paired with seafood, pasta, chicken and soft cheeses. They are also best served between 7 and 14°C.

Lighter white wine

If you want something a bit more zesty, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris are ideal. Serve between 7 and 14°C along with seafood, green salads or chicken.

Sweet white wine

Riesling and Chenin Blanc are sweeter and should also be served around 7 and 14°C. The best food pairings for these wine styles include sweet foods like cake and ice cream or spicy foods like Indian food or even strong cheeses.

Dessert wines

As the name suggests, dessert wines like Sherry and Port can be served with cake, chocolate and sweet pies.


Sparkling wine and champagne should be served cold at temperatures ranging from 5 to 9°C. They can be enjoyed with salty foods, salads and oysters. They can be enjoyed before or after a meal.

These are the main wine styles that you will come across when wine shopping. Remember to serve each wine at the appropriate temperature for maximum flavour and aroma.