Coffee is more than just a delicious drink. Many people already know that coffee can be added to various recipes and it can be enjoyed hot or cold. If you love coffee, you will certainly enjoy these delicious coffee desserts.


Coffee and kahlua brownies are a delicious and sweet treat. They take brownies to a whole new level and this is why it’s one of the best coffee desserts for anyone who loves coffee. Kahlua is a coffee liqueur and it will give these brownies a bit of an extra kick.

S’mores Pie

This recipe requires a graham cracker crust topped with coffee ganache and followed by a light and fully meringue. It is one of the more involved coffee desserts in terms of preparation but it will be worth every bite!

Chocolate mousse with a twist

All you need for this recipe is dark chocolate, coffee and avocado. You will need to blend the avocados very well in order to create a creamy paste. Since avocado does not have a strong flavour, it will easily be masked by the chocolate, coffee and other ingredients in this recipe.

Ice pops

If you want refreshing coffee desserts for summer, consider making your own ice pops. Make a few cups of cappuccino and make sure they are sweet and creamy. Now pour the coffee into your ice pop moulds before freezing.


Tiramisu has got to be one of the most popular coffee desserts in the world! You don’t need a large serving to satisfy your sweet cravings. The recipe for this dessert has not changed over the years which goes to show just how perfect it is.


There are dozens of types of cheesecake out there. You can make yours using various types of fruit, chocolate and even coffee! Just like tiramisu, cheesecake is usually served in smaller portions because most people cannot eat too much before becoming full.

These are just a few ideas for coffee desserts. There are plenty more available online including coffee biscuits and various cakes. All you need to do is run a search online and you will see just how many convention dessert recipes can be spruced up with a bit of coffee.