Cheese is not usually associated with sweet treats. We normally think about savoury foods like pizza or mac and cheese. When making a cheese sandwich, you most likely don’t think about adding something sweet to the mix. Which is why so many people are surprised when they realize just how delicious these cheese desserts really are!

Cheese and fruit

Fruit and cheese pair really well together. This is why they are often enjoyed with a refreshing glass of wine. Apple and Goat Cheese Cake is a scrumptious treat and one of the best cheese desserts you can serve to impress your guests. Cheese can also be used in sweet pastries. Consider combining cranberries, apples and gouda together in puff pastry.

Cheese Blintzes

These cheese desserts are much like pancakes but they have a special filling. Ricotta, cream cheese, vanilla, sugar and lemon juice are all you need for an amazing filling. You can even add some blueberry sauce over the top if you like.

Mug cakes

If you are looking for cheese desserts that are fast and easy, you will love raspberry and ricotta mug cakes. It’s the perfect combination of raspberries and ricotta cheese. You can make one serving or as many as you like.

Dessert Pizza

Sweet pizzas are becoming one of the top choices in cheese desserts. Instead of limiting yourself to savoury toppings, why not add some peaches and maple syrup with mascarpone cheese?


Another great sweet cheesy option comes in the form of Cheddar Choux Fritters. These are bite size treats that involve a little effort. Fill your dough with cheese before frying and coating with sugar. They are great to set on a buffet table for your guests to nibble on.

Of course, if you are sitting at home and wondering what type of cheese desserts you can make in a hurry, there is a quick fix to your cravings. Cheese and jam or syrup on toast (or bread). This works best with cheddar or gouda and fresh bread or freshly made toast.