Mother’s Day is fast approaching and now is the time to start shopping. Late shopping will not only mean that you will feel forced to rush, but the most popular hampers are that much more likely to sell out. To avoid disappointment, you should do your shopping sooner rather than later. Here are some excellent ideas of what your pamper hamper should contain.

Plants and flowers

Fresh flowers and potted plants both make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day. You will find that many pamper hamper gifts include flowers or plants paired with other luxurious goodies. Take note of the colour of the blooms as well as all other items included. If you choose a plant, make sure that mum will be able to take care of it. If you know that she is far too busy or she doesn’t have the space to provide the plant with a suitable home, then cut stems are the better option.

Something sweet

Just about every Mother’s Day pamper hamper includes something sweet. These can come in the form of luxury chocolates, biscuits or bonbons. Mum spent many years treating you to the best food and sweet treats so this is perfect for giving her a little taste of what she gave you over the years.

Bubbles to celebrate

Nothing makes an occasion worth celebrating more than a bottle of bubbly. Champagne and sparkling wine should be included in every Mother’s Day pamper hamper. She can choose when to pop the cork, of course. She might like to share the bottle with you or perhaps she wants to enjoy it while she takes a soak in the tub.

Bath and body

When you want to treat mum, you should look for a pamper hamper that includes bath and body products. These range from lotion to bath bombs and even scented candles that help create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

These are just a few excellent ideas to help you look for the perfect pamper hamper for mum. Like any other gift, you want to make sure that you always keep her preferences in mind when doing your shopping.