No matter where you are, you have most likely faced some form of isolation over these past months. While some have experienced a more severe lockdown than others, isolation is never ideal since we are social creatures by nature. If you cannot leave your home as and when you please or if your loved ones are stuck at home, you can at least show some support by sending some lockdown essentials. Here are a few ideas.

Food hampers

There is nothing more essential than food and water which is what food hampers are excellent lockdown essentials to send to anyone you care about. These gifts are great because they are available in all shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose a hamper that includes various snacks or you can send a pastry hamper. The pastries can be frozen for several months so the recipient does not always need to worry about cooking if they don’t feel up to the task.

Lift their spirits

Just because you are stuck at home does not mean that you can’t party! Choose a lockdown essentials hamper that includes a bottle of champagne, wine or even the recipient’s favour spirit. Set aside a date and time when you can both sign in online and have your very own virtual party! Place your favourite music, dance the night away in your living room an drink your favourite beverages.

Something sweet

Sweets and chocolates have a wonderful effect on the brain. When you nibble on something that you really enjoy, it sends signals to the brain that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Being stuck at home can make anyone feel less than happy, which is why these lockdown essentials gifts are so perfect!

The most important thing to remember is that the best gifts to send are always those that suit the needs and preferences of the recipient. While some might feel that food is essential, others agree that nothing makes them feel better than a sweet treat. If the intended recipient has any dietary needs or concerns, you can also shop around for hampers that cater to these needs.