If your friends or family are planning on visiting from another town or country, it’s important that you make them feel welcome. Gift hampers can be placed in your guest room as a warm welcoming gesture and to let them know just how happy you are to host them. Not sure what type of hamper to choose? Here are some ideas.

Sweets and chocolates

There is no sweeter gesture than gift hampers filled with sweets or chocolates. These hampers are full of the most delicious treats that your guests can nibble on during their visit and they can even take any leftovers home with them. If they are visiting from abroad, they may even feel the need for some of their favourite local sweets. Look for a hamper that includes some of those nostalgic flavours!

Bottle of bubbly

Nothing says celebrate like gift hampers with a bottle of bubbly! You can even remove the bottle from the hamper and place it in a bucket of ice so that it is chilled when they arrive. You can place the ice bucket next to the hamper. You might need to rearrange the contents of the hamper after removing the bottle. Just so that it does not look like something is missing.

Fresh fruit

Offer your special guests a healthy snack that they can enjoy without feeling guilty. Gift hampers and baskets filled with fresh fruit will brighten the room just like a bouquet of flowers and they are delicious too! Make sure that you leave a note next to the hamper to let them know that the fruit is for them to enjoy.

Scrumptious snacks

If you want snacks that will not spoil, you can choose from various food gift hampers. They may include a variety of sweet and savoury treats from which your lucky guests can choose as and when they feel peckish.

Pamper products

After a long journey, there is nothing better than a soothing soak in the tub or a nice hot shower. Set a pamper hamper in the room for your guests to enjoy and to help them settle in. These luxurious products can be enjoyed for the duration of their stay and they can take them home too. When comparing various pamper gift hampers, take note of the contents. Sometimes they include a bottle of bubbly or even luxury chocolates.

These are some of the best gift hampers from which you can choose to welcome visitors. You can also add some fresh flowers to the room and don’t forget to set out your guest towels and even purchase some comfortable slippers that they can wear around your house.