Part of encouraging productivity at work is creating an enjoyable and positive work environment. When we consider the natural behaviour of snacking during the day, it’s easy to think of some office hampers that your staff can enjoy. The most important thing to remember is that there is a huge difference between healthy snacking and unhealthy snacking. If you provide your staff with the right snacks, you will notice a dramatic improvement in their working habits and their willingness to go the extra mile. Unhealthy snacks can cause sugar rushes and horrible crashes which will have a devastating effect in the end.

Fresh fruit

Fruit is a fantastic healthy snack that will provide your team with nutritious alternatives and a steady energy boost. Unlike processed foods and sweets, fruit has natural sugars and carbohydrates that will not cause drastic sugar spikes. It’s these sugar spikes that give you a rush of energy followed by a nasty crash. If you order office hampers that include a variety of fresh fruits, you will also allow your staff the opportunity to take their pick based on personal preference.

Food hampers

For something a bit more consistent, you could choose food hampers that include healthy yet filling snacks. Think of cheese and preserve baskets when you order office hampers. Some hampers even include smoked fish or ham as well as delicious nuts and dried fruit. The key to choosing the right food hamper for the office is to take note of the contents before placing your order.

What to avoid

As important as it is to look for specific foods and snacks, you should also avoid specific items when shopping for office hampers. If you are planning on sending corporate hampers home with each staff member, then you can include whatever you like. If the hamper is for your staff to share at work, you want to avoid things like alcohol, chocolate and foods that are high in carbohydrates. While these are all great to enjoy when you are taking time out after a busy day, they are not ideal for a productive work place.

When you order office hampers on a regular basis, you will give your employees something to look forward to. It’s also a good idea to order different hampers as much as possible so that these hampers do not get ‘old’ or ‘boring’. Ask your staff for feedback so that you can establish which hampers were the most popular.