When placing an order for a corporate hamper, there are a few things that you should remember to do as well as those that you should avoid. By avoiding these common mistakes, you will ensure that the lucky recipients of your gifts are all happy with what they receive.

Too specific

When shopping for your clients, employees or co-workers, you don’t want to alienate anyone. You might know a few of the recipients really well but not know too much about the rest. So, to avoid hurting any feelings, you should choose gifts that can be appreciated by any recipient. The only thing you do want to take note of is whether or not the recipient has any specific dietary needs. Sending a chocolate hamper to a diabetic, for example, will not go down well!

No name

Before you present a corporate hamper, you should always make sure that the card is completed. If you do not include your name or the company name on the card, the recipient will have no way of knowing who sent them such a lovely gift! Of course, if you are shopping for a Secret Santa gift, then you want to ignore this piece of advice and keep it anonymous.


When you send gifts to a close friend or loved one, you can do so without waiting for a special occasion. When it comes to a corporate hamper, it’s best to wait for an occasion to spoil your employees, clients or co-workers. Not only will unexpected gifts put a hole in your budget, but you also want to make sure that gifts are received as a reward for hard work, extra help or a similar reason. You also do not want to create bad blood by spoiling one or two recipients while neglecting the rest.

Quantity over quality

There is no doubt that quality is more important than quantity every time. When choosing a corporate hamper, make sure that you don’t simply choose a big and cheap gift because it looks impressive. Take the time to read about the contents and what the recipient can expect. If the goods inside are not of the highest quality, it’s better to opt for a smaller, yet luxurious hamper instead.

If you are not sure what type of corporate hamper to send each recipient, you might like the idea of one that includes a little bit of everything. This way, you can give everyone the same gift (apart from those with special dietary concerns) and you don’t have to worry about offending anyone.