When we think about sending gifts, we usually imagine how much the recipient will enjoy the goodies we send. What many people don’t realise is just how wonderful it can be to give gifts. Here are some of the main advantages of sending gifts to those you care about.

Our generous nature

We are social beings and, as such, we are accustomed to surviving as a society. We share meals, live and work together just as we have since the beginning of time. So, when we give gifts, we are essentially living up to our generous nature which gives us a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Producing endorphins

You may have heard of endorphins and this is because they are the hormone behind happiness. According to various studies, our bodies produce this hormone when we spend money on others. When we give gifts face to face and we see their joy, it gives us a wonderful burst of positive energy. It’s also good to note that endorphins are also released when you fall in love so you can compare this to the feeling of giving a gift to a friend or loved one. Even if you do not see them open the gift, you are sure to hear all about it when they call you to express their gratitude.

Maintain your relationship

When you give gifts, it can help you build and maintain your relationship. The right gift at the right time will demonstrate your thoughtfulness and let them know that you pay attention to their needs and preferences. There really is nothing better than a gift that is carefully selected with the needs and preferences of the recipient in mind.

Now you know why you get that ‘warm’ feeling when you give gifts to those you care about most in life. Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas or any other occasion, don’t forget to include a special message along with your gift delivery. It will make your gift that much more thoughtful and personal.