With so many people staying home and unable to work during this time, it can make employees feel rather insecure and stressed. As their employer, you can do something to set their minds at ease and show some much-needed support by sending corporate hampers directly to their home.

Pastry hampers

Pastries are delicious and they are excellent comfort food during this time. Despite the fact that many people are assumed to have extra time on their hands, we do not always feel like cooking. Fresh pastries can be stored in a refrigerator for several days and they can even be frozen for several months. These pies are an excellent kind of ‘back up’ for those rainy days.

Fruit baskets

Fresh produce is essential in any home. Fruit is great for boosting the immune system and a colourful basket will certainly make your employees smile. When shopping for corporate hampers during this time, take a moment to consider fresh fruit gifts for your staff.

Food hampers

There are also a wide variety of amazing food hampers that are available in all shapes and sizes. Many of which come in the form of picnic baskets. While your staff may not be able to go out for a picnic, these corporate hampers can be delivered to their door and they can enjoy the contents with their family. It will certainly give the family something to smile about during this time.

When sending corporate hampers to your staff, remember that you do not need to do so often. Even one gift delivery during this time is all it takes to show them that you care. If you are planning on ordering several identical gifts for delivery to several addresses, make sure that you discuss this with your hamper vendor and make sure that they are able to deliver to all the areas needed.