If you are planning a Valentine’s Day proposal but you are not sure where to start, you will be happy to know that there are only a few important things to remember. Since this is one of the most romantic days of the year, your partner will most likely be expecting romance. That said, they most likely will not expect you to pop the question! So, here are some tips to ensure that they are surprised.

Choosing flowers

Red roses are the top choice for Valentine’s Day. However, since you have a Valentine’s Day proposal in mind, you should take it up a notch at least. In other words, instead of the lovely and romantic gesture of 12 red roses, you should look for an even more impressive bouquet with extra stems. A larger bouquet will certainly grab their attention.

Something sweet

Chocolates are another popular gift for this romantic occasion which is why you should include them in your Valentine’s Day proposal too. There are various ways of doing this. You can have chocolates delivered along with the bouquet or you can choose a bouquet that includes chocolates in the design. Consider what your Valentine will enjoy the most before making your choice.

Delivery options

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day proposal first thing in the morning, you should have the flowers delivered the day before. Store your flowers in a cool, not cold, spot and keep them away from draughts, sources of heat, animals and anything else that could cause damage to the blooms. When you are ready, you can present your flowers and ask your Valentine to marry you. Another option is to have the flowers delivered to their work address and include a cryptic note. As they read the note, you can come out of hiding and pop the question in front of their co-workers. Of course, this is a rather daring move. Finally, you could wait for later in the day to present your romantic gift and ask that very important question over dinner, for example.

Presenting the ring

If you are having flowers delivered directly to your Valentine, you will not be able to include the ring. So, if you really want to present to two together, then you will need to hand over the flowers in person. Make sure that you have the ring ready in a box that is easy to open with one hand. If you want it to be a real surprise, you should avoid getting down on one knee since this is a dead giveaway. Pop the box open as you present them with your floral gift to make the perfect Valentine’s Day proposal.

There you have it! A few simple tips to remember so that your Valentine’s Day proposal goes off without a hitch. Remember, if you are not absolutely certain that they feel the same way as you, it might be best to propose in private. If your partner is particularly shy, this is another good reason to keep it a private occasion.