When celebrating such a romantic occasion with your partner or spouse, you need the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. If you want this year to be even more special than the last, you need something unique to make your Valentine smile. Here are some ideas.

Heart-shaped arrangement

Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance so it makes sense that a heart-shaped flower arrangement will always make an excellent gift. There are a few options when it comes to this Valentine’s Day gift. Firstly, you could order one from your favourite florist or you can create your very own design. Secondly, you can choose between an arrangement placed on a tray or a heart-shape box.

Flowers and chocs

While many people like to send flowers and chocolates for romantic occasions, not as many people consider the option of combining the two in a perfectly delicious arrangement. When it comes to this Valentine’s Day gift, however, you can get a bit more creative by adding wrapped chocolates (set on picks) to the bouquet. This works particularly well when the flowers are set in floral foam. The foam offers great support for the chocolates and ensures that they don’t fall inside the bouquet.

Chocolate bouquet

If you want to skip the flowers altogether and opt for something sweet instead, why not send a romantic chocolate bouquet? These gifts are exactly as they sound – bouquets made from a selection of chocolates. There are various designs available and each one includes a different variety of chocs. To make the best choice for your Valentine, you should read the contents list and pay close attention to the product image.

A bottle of their favourite

Another fantastic Valentine’s Day gift is a fine bottle of their favourite. So if your Valentine enjoys whisky, for example, you can order a luxurious bottle of whisky. The same can be said for champagne or other special beverages.

When sending a unique Valentine’s Day gift, you should take the time to think about all the gifts that you sent in the past. By remembering what you sent in previous years, you can be sure that the gift you send this year will be unique and appreciated.