Birthdays are special and memorable occasions that we all love to celebrate. If you are tired of the usual birthday cakes, there are plenty of alternatives that are just as delicious and will make your special day that much more memorable.


You can choose to serve one large trifle or you can make several separate portions and arrange them on a stand. This is a favourite in many homes which means that there shouldn’t be any leftovers. Or at least, the leftovers will not go to waste!


Just like trifle, you can choose to make one very large and impressive mousse or you can make several servings in decorative dishes. Make sure that you have extra just in case any of your guests want more. Keep the servings medium in size. Do not make them too large since this dish is known for being quite rich and satisfying.

Fruit pie

If you want something a bit healthier, you can bake a fruit pie instead of a cake. You can even make more than one type of pie just in case you are not sure what your guests will enjoy the most. Again, you can make full-sized pies or you can opt for smaller portions. Apple, pumpkin and mixed berries are all popular.

Doughnut cake

Pick up about 36 doughnuts on the day of your party and stack them one on top of the other. Arrange them in circles with the largest one being at the bottom. Drizzel some icing or caramel sauce over each layer as you build your doughnut tower. Finish of with sprinkles if you like.

Brownies or cupcakes

Cupcakes arranged on a stand are another excellent idea. They are already portioned out so you don’t have to worry about serving your guests. Everyone can help themselves. You can have more than one cupcake tower if you like or you can set some cupcakes in the kitchen to refill as and when needed.

No matter the dessert you choose for your birthday, the most important thing to remember is to decorate it! A birthday cake is always decorated according to the birthday girl or boy’s age. So, keep this in mind when selecting the colours of the icing, sprinkles and any other decorative elements.