While many people think about gifts when it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s also important to plan some activities you can enjoy together. Gifts are great but, if you really want to make mum feel loved, you should also set aside some time just for her. Here are some ideas of things to do with mum on this special day.
Spa date
Encourage some much-needed relaxation by booking a spa date for the two of you. While you get your nails done, facials, and possibly a massage, you can enjoy a chat, perhaps the spa will serve drinks and snacks too. Make sure that you ask about this before you making your booking.
If there is a good movie on the big screen, you could take mum out and treat her to the film, some popcorn, her favourite drink and perhaps something for that sweet tooth. Make sure that you choose a movie she will enjoy too. You may want to reserve your seats in advance to avoid disappointment.
Lunch out
Take mum out to her favourite restaurant for lunch. Take your time and enjoy your meal along with a good chat. This is great for catching up. If you like, you can pair this option with a movie. Depending on your preferences, you could watch the movie first and then enjoy your meal while you chat about your favourite parts of the film you just enjoyed together.
Spring and summer are perfect for tending to your garden. You can enjoy some time outside with mum, plant some flowers, and pluck any weeds. A clean garden full of fresh flowers will lift her spirits and the fresh air does everyone good.
Do her chores
Lend mum a helping hand by taking care of all her chores. Sure, she can keep you company but she should not lift a finger! It’s time for you to serve her and clean up. Make sure that the house is in top shape before you return home.