A champagne breakfast for Mother’s Day is an excellent way of getting the family together and getting everyone involved in spoiling mum! You can even make it a group event and invite several families – all of which will be honouring their mothers. Proper planning is essential, no matter the number of guests. Here are some of the main areas you need to plan ahead of time:
The amount of food you need will depend on the number of guests. A buffet is the easiest option since you will not need to serve each guest. Simply set out each dish along a table and your guests can help themselves. Any back up food should be stored in the fridge or warming drawer of the oven. Since it is breakfast, it’s a good idea to have somebody make eggs to order. Apart from eggs, you can also serve bacon, breakfast sausage, fried mushrooms, fried onions, and even baked beans. Make sure that you include toast, something sweet like muffins or scones with jam, and fresh fruit too. You want to give your guests plenty of variety.
Since this is a champagne breakfast, you’ll need some bubbly. You don’t need champagne if it proves too pricey. Instead, you can use your favourite sparkling wine. Many people enjoy a mixture of fresh orange juice and bubbly. This way, the alcohol content is lowered and the drink is more refreshing. Other beverages you will need to serve include coffee, tea, and other fresh fruit juices as well as water.
Put some extra effort into the décor without crowding the table. A light coloured table cloth with an overlay will suffice. You can then decorate your dining table or tables with fresh or silk flowers. Keep the bouquets to a reasonable size and make sure that they aren’t too tall.
If you are inviting more than one mother to your champagne breakfast, you should consider placing a small gift on each mother’s plate. Your personal gift for your mother should be opened before or after the breakfast out of courtesy.
Remember to make this day fun for everyone and have a good time sharing stories of your childhood and how you tortured your mothers with your “bad behaviour”. It’s these funny experiences that are the most memorable even after many years have passed.