When it’s cold outside, we tend to cling to such comforts as warm, sweet desserts. As each spoonful makes its way down into our belly, you feel your sweet cravings satisfied. When the weather warms up, this need for decadent sweets decreases and we tend to seek lighter, more refreshing desserts. Fresh fruit is a great ingredient for these kinds of desserts and there are a number of delicious recipes out there.
Frozen yogurt can be made using a wide variety of fruit. One refreshing favourite is blueberry. Not only does this fruit give the frozen yogurt a bright colour, but it also adds an intense flavour. Cobblers are also really versatile and you can use a variety of fruits. Fresh peaches or fresh apples make scrumptious cobbler ingredients. The fresh varieties are best for nutritional value and they are lower in sugar than preserves. You can eat your cobbler hot but, if you want a cool dessert, you can eat them cool or even chilled. Serve with some vanilla ice cream if you’re happy to add a few extra calories to the meal.
For cake fans, you can satisfy your craving by serving an Angel Food Cake with fresh fruit and berries. Fruit pies are also great and there are plenty of low calorie options out there. It’s a matter of choosing the fruit you wish to use and taking the necessary steps to eliminate any unnecessary fat and sugar. Strawberry pie, apple pie, and many others are huge hits in any household.
Sorbet is your ultimate refreshing and light alternative to ice cream. In addition, it’s also really great in any fruity flavour! From mango and peach to raspberry and peach, sorbet knows no bounds! It can be enjoyed all on its own or topped with fruit. It can also be used as a topping on other desserts.
Fruit salad is yet another popular treat for any time of the day. You can even eat it for breakfast if you’re so inclined! Why wait for dinner when you can enjoy a sweet reward without overdoing it in the sugar department?  Best of all, you can make your own fruit salad using fresh fruits of your choice! In other words, you can cater to your own personal preferences and leave out any fruits that you don’t particularly enjoy.