Tea is wonderful as a hot or cold drink. In both instances, it provides your body with a wonderful variety of nutrients as well as hydration. During the winter, it’s quite easy to choose hot tea over cold. During the summer, on the other hand, many people choose to enjoy an iced version of their favourite tea.
Before you start brewing a pot, you should make sure that your tea is suitable for making iced tea. Most kinds of tea are suitable for making hot or iced tea. Others are only suitable for making hot tea.
The next tip that you should remember is to always use fresh tea. The longer the tea stands, the more flavour will escape. Of course, it’s always good to store your tea in a tea tin so that it is not exposed to too much air and it will maintain its flavour for as long as possible.
Look for floral, fruity, or floral and fruity blends when making iced tea. Tea tends to have a stronger flavour when it’s served hot. When cold, it might not seem as strong but the floral and fruity flavours are always dominant which means that they will still heave a pleasant taste once chilled.
Use filtered tap water or spring water for best results. Quality water is the foundation for any great drink – including iced tea! By using the right water, you will enhance the flavour of the tea and eliminate any other unwanted flavours from disrupting its delicious harmony.
Different types of tea need to be brewed using different instructions. Some teas are best brewed with boiling water while others need hot, NOT boiling, water. Some teas need a longer time to steep but it’s not more than a few minutes. It’s also good to note that the steep time for iced tea varies from that of hot tea – even if you use the exact same type of tea!
If you are planning on adding ice to your hot tea to cool it down, you should brew the tea using less water. The ice cubes will melt and make up the rest of the water content. If you add the full amount of water and ice cubes, your tea will have a particularly bland taste.
Finally, don’t forget to add honey instead of sugar for a healthy sweetener alternative! You can also give your body a boost of Vitamin C by adding some lemon too. You should also only brew as much as you plan on drinking that day. Fresh iced tea does not taste quite as good the following day.