Whether you love or hate to bake, there’s something about getting the kids involved that makes it all fun. Sure, you might end up with ten times the mess to clean up but, when you see the joy on their little faces, it’s enough to make you forget about all that cleaning, wiping, and washing. The trouble with many recipes, however, is that they’re not necessarily “kid friendly”. In other words, they require a certain amount of care and precision which means that children can easily get it wrong.  There are, however, many fun recipes perfect for kids to help you prepare!
Of course you will need to cook them yourself but you can let the kids help you mix the batter first. Once they are cooked and plated, you can let the kids decorate the pancakes with pieces of fruit (like blueberries), cream, and colourful syrups.
Again, you will need to manage the oven part of this baking adventure but children are great at sifting, mixing, and portioning out the mixture into the baking tray. Once they are all baked and you’ve let them cool down, it’s time to decorate! Again, this is another great opportunity to let the kids get sticky.
If your child enjoys playing with Play Doh, then cookies will be such a treat! Make sure that you stock up on various fun shapes and let your little one choose the one (or ones) they want to use. You can do most of the mixing but, once the mixture is fairly well mixed, let your little on have a go! When the dough has reached the right consistency, it’s time to turn it out and get rolling. If you like, you can let your little one assist but allowing them to stand in front of you. Let them press the rolling pin under close supervision as you guide them along. Let your little one press the shapes before you place them on a baking sheet. Once they are all baked and cooled down, you can choose to decorate or leave them as they are.
Truffles are delicious and really easy to make. With no cooking involved, you can be sure that your little one will be completely safe from harm. Depending on their age and abilities, give them the change to mix, select portions and roll the truffles into bite-size balls.