For first time mothers, welcoming their baby into the world is the most incredible and memorable moment of all. The many milestones that follow will be treasured for years to come and, just when you think you’ve got everything under control, baby number two is on the way! While mothers might feel like they know what to expect, the truth is that every baby is different and will have different needs and preferences. So, how do you pamper that precious second arrival?
Gift hampers are great for showing the growing family your support. New baby hampers often include newborn clothing items, bibs, hats, cute booties, and similar items. In some cases, these hampers will also include a stuffed animal suitable for newborn babies or another colourful toy.
Then there are hampers that pamper mum and dad. After all, they are the ones charged with the task of raising this new little boy or girl! It’s worth celebrating the new addition to the family with a bottle of bubbly (non-alcoholic of course) and perhaps some luxury items to help mum relax. Mothers know that during pregnancy, it can feel like your body is simply no longer your own. There are many changes that take place and, after having the baby, it takes time to get back to your previous form. This is the time to make mum feel beautiful with special body products that will give her that “fresh from the spa” feeling.
Since this is baby number two (or three, four, etc), it’s important to include the other children in the hamper. Siblings might feel excited at the thought of the arrival of their new baby brother or sister but this excitement can change if baby gets all the attention. So, whenever you pamper baby, you should also acknowledge the other children in the family. This promotes the bond between the siblings and reduces the chances of jealousy.
The gifts you include for the older children will depend on their age and preferences. Try to get to know what they like and also what they want. If they have a favourite cartoon, you could include a toy from that show, for example.